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Dimitra Duffy was born in Athens and graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, National Technical University. Is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, National Technical University.

She collaborated with many agencies and companies and in 2007 she created 3dfirstaid.

Dimitra is a Certified Autodesk instructor with a great involvement in educational processes for the last 12 years.


3dfirstaid with its partners provides quality design of any project. The services are

Architectural Design
3dfirstaid undertake projects involving architectural design and interior decoration (interior design).

Issuance of building permits
3dfirstaid undertake the handling procedures for issuing the building permit.

Construction supervision
3dfirstaid undertakes the supervision and coordination of construction crews for any project.

3d-Photorealism - Animation
3dfirstaid provides the three-dimensional representation of any building project or model with advanced design techniques in both static images and in terms of animation (video).

Graphics - Advertising
3dfirstaid offers corporate identity, advertising and television products.

Content: Autocad - 3d Max - Architectural - Maya - Mental ray - Vray
Seminars are designed to meet the needs and requirements of organizations and professional individuals who wish to upgrade their skills and expertize in Autodesk's software products.
Dimitra Dafi with her professional experience as an instructor and the deep knowledge of Autodesk Software will provide you with high quality technical training and instructions
All the seminars are carying on customers place.
Photorealism is the three-dimensional reconstruction of buildings or other design objects with a computer, a faithful representation of materials, colors and lighting under two-dimensional plans of the object.

The photorealism is necessary in today's era of the architect, engineer, designer, decorator and a private individual.

Facilitate the student to understand and improve the work, while allowing the control and finalization of colors, materials and aesthetics of the project. Thus reduces the cost the changes and corrections in the construction of the project.
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